Marine insurance

Protect your cargo

We offer large corporations tailored solutions for their international and domestic marine exposures in accordance with the laws and regulations. The two key product lines are: marine cargo and marine liability.

Marine insurance

With our products, we serve a diverse variety of industrial and corporate customers worldwide

Marine cargo

Marine cargo insurance covers the risks of physical loss or damage to goods and merchandise whilst in transit by any method of conveyance or while in storage anywhere in the world.

Project cargo insurance is designed to cater for the unconventional risks associated with project cargoes.

Marine delay in start-up (DSU) covers the loss of revenue suffered by a business as a result of loss or damage occurred whilst the cargoes are in transit, whether by ocean, air or land, resulting in a delay in the start-up of the project.

Marine liability

Marine liability provides solutions for companies with exposures in the marine and international shipping industry.

Fine art & specie

Fine art & specie insures the physical loss or damage to paintings, antiques, collectibles, precious metals and stones, cash, securities and high value items for all transit and static risks.