Supply Chain insurance

Protect your value chain

Our supply chain risk assessment and related insurance products are designed to help protect your profits against one of your most significant areas of risk: failure in your supply chain.

Supply Chain Insurance

The widespread outsourcing of services and the increasing size, complexity and interconnectivity of supply chains means it's now critical to identify and manage your exposures effectively - whichever industry you operate in.

Minimizing potential impact to your supply chain can bring many benefits to your organization and protect your bottom line. Our experts can help you better understand and address the challenges of supply chain risk, ultimately increasingly the resilience of your organization.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

At Zurich we have the knowledge and expertise to arm you with the insights you need to build a resilient supply chain.

We provide supply chain risk evaluation, mapping and grading services based on established methodology, designed to assess and quantify the broad areas of exposures and controls in the supply chain.

Our supply chain risk assessment process can help you make better informed strategic decisions and action plans to help reduce the number and impact of supply chain disruptions.

Our solution

Supply chain risk assessment and insurance from Zurich is designed to cover supply chain failures including those due to non-material damage - when supplies are not delivered - that have a financial impact on a company's operations. 

We offer an 'all-risks' business interruption cover that focuses on incidents outside of the insured's control, including disruptions related to both physical and non-physical damage, through to the lower tiers of the supply chain (subject to policy conditions). 

Service availability

In Asia Pacific, Supply chain Insurance is currently only available for customers based in Singapore and Hong Kong. Supply Chain insurance is also offered for companies with a head office in US, Europe and Canada.