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You know how important it is to consider the consequences of sickness, injury or death. After all, how might you replace lost income? Who will pay your mortgage and bills? And what would happen if a key person within your business fell ill or died?

Zurich brings you a choice of protection solutions designed to safeguard every aspect of your life.

Products offered by Zurich Life Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.*

*With effect from 1 December 2015, Zurich Life Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd and Zurich Life International Limited (Singapore Branch) ceased to accept new policy applications. In the first half of 2018, all Zurich Life Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd customers will transfer to Singapore Life Pte. Ltd, subject to confirmation by the High Court of the Republic of Singapore. For more information please see here.

z protect

Z Protect

This is an ideal life insurance policy that safeguards you and your loved ones. With high flexibility, this plan enables you to get continuous coverage through all stages in life. Z Protect is a simple and flexible life insurance policy designed with your changing needs in mind.

Key Features

  • Z Protect pays out the sum assured in the event of death, total and permanent disability1 or terminal illness.
  • Z Protect is designed to give you flexible coverage with affordable premium payments to match your budget.
  • Avail the option to choose from the renewable terms between 5 or 10 years with Z Protect’s Guaranteed Renewability2 feature. Alternatively you can also choose the non-renewable coverage term up to the policy anniversary when the life assured is 100 age next birthday.
  • Z Protect’s Guaranteed Insurability option3 feature allow you to increase your coverage through different stages of life, including marriage and parenthood, with no medical underwriting.
  • With the addition of supplementary benefits, you can enhance your protection to suit the financial security needed over time.

Supplementary benefits

Choose from a variety of riders that you can add to your policy to enhance your protection.

  • Critical Illness Benefit
  • Accident Benefit
  • Waiver of Premium Benefit
  • CI Waiver of Premium Benefit
z protect home

Z Protect-Home

A home is far bigger than a space between four walls with a roof. A home is where memories are made and relationships are built. It is what shapes and defines your life. And it is the ultimate space for you to be yourself. It is a part of your heart and your soul. Z Protect-Home is a hassle free protection policy to help protect your precious home.

Key Features

In the event of death or terminal illness, Z Protect-Home takes responsibility by paying out the sum assured in one lump sum to make sure your family has a roof over their head. The sum of money may be used by them to pay off a portion of the home loan or other occurring expenses.

Z Protect-Home's Decreasing Disability Benefit ensures that such an event doesn’t lead to an excessive financial burden.

z protect prestige

Z Protect-Prestige

A highly flexible and portable term life protection plan, it provides international coverage and the versatility of a multi-currency option, which will keep pace with your changing lifestyle, location, and financial circumstances. It provides valuable protection for you and your dependents and can also be used to meet your business protection needs.

Key Features

  • Financial security for your dependents.
  • Portable multi-currency protection solution.
  • Flexible coverage that adapts to life changes - Within three months of the event of marriage, the birth or adoption of a child, you can exercise the Guaranteed Insurability* option to enhance your basic benefit sum assured without underwriting.
  • Support for your own business venture - For policies taken out to cover a business loan, you have a Guaranteed Insurability* option to enhance the basic benefit sum assured within three months when the business loan for the acquisition, expansion, extending or altering of a business premises increases.
  • Continuous coverage up to age 100.
  • Premium flexibility tailored to your needs.

Supplementary benefits

Be protected against further risks by attaching optional riders to your basic plan when you first sign up, or at any policy anniversary. These options offer you further flexibility to adapt or enhance your coverage in line with your changing circumstances and are also a lower cost alternative to buying several multiple insurance policies.

  • Accelerated Disability Benefit.
  • Critical Illness Benefits.
  • Waiver of Premium Benefit.


direct z basic

Direct - Z Basic

Zurich's first direct purchase insurance (DPI) product DIRECT - Z Basic is your solution to an affordable and fuss-free life insurance plan.

Key Features

  • Term life insurance plan that pays you a benefit on death and terminal illness (TI). With accelerated total and permanent disability (TPD) included within the plan, you are given an additional layer of security.
  • With minimum sum assured starting from SGD50,000, you could apply for DIRECT - Z Basic directly with Zurich to increase your Death, TI and TPD coverage easily from the comfort of your own home.
  • Choose from 5 years renewable, 20 years non-renewable or up to 65 age next birthday.

Supplementary benefits

Be protected against further risk by attaching the optional rider to your basic plan. With the rider, you can gain further flexibility to adapt or enhance your coverage in line with your changing circumstances. It is also a lower cost alternative compared to buying several insurance policies.

  • Accelerated Disability Benefit
z care

Z Care

Critical health conditions are troubling times for any family. At such times, it is imperative that financial needs for medical expenses do not affect your recovery.

Z Care is a convenient plan that provides you extensive critical care to lighten the financial burden off you and your family’s shoulders in the event of a critical illness1.

Key Features

  • With Z Care’s Early Stage Critical Illness optional benefit, an amount up to SGD 500,000 can be advanced upon the early diagnosis of any one of the 29 critical illnesses to help speedy recovery, while waiving off all future premiums for the policy.
  • Avail SGD 5,000 with the one-time upfront Diagnosis Benefit in event of a critical illness, easing your financial expenses for medical treatment and consultation fees
  • Post diagnosis and treatment of a critical illness, the Rehabilitation Benefit2 provides SGD 1,000 per month for 6 months to help you manage payment of recurring bills.
  • Avail Z Care's Guaranteed Renewability feature and choose a renewable term between 5 years to 25 years. Alternatively choose the term to age option for coverage up to 85.
  • Get a Death Benefit4 of SGD 20,000 or 10% of Sum Assured, whichever is lower to offset bereavement expenses in the event of death.

Supplementary benefits

  • Early Stage Critical Illness Benefit
  • Payer Benefit
  • Spouse Benefit